Student Services Building

Student Services Building

Create a building that serves as the welcome center of the campus and serves students on a daily basis, while relating to the campus pedestrian network.

The building was designed with two primary facades and entrances – the public façade incorporates dramatic elements and the student façade curves around the pedestrian greenway.

Higher Education

The building is a campus focal point for a small university with an emphasis on technology and aerospace research and development. The building completes the architectural definition of a central campus greenway. The curved glass atrium is concentric with an existing circular plaza that marks the exact center of campus. The central axis of the building relates to an important pedestrian access way defined by two residence halls on the opposite side of the greenway. The splayed walls of the entrance side greet and embrace visitors approaching from the parking lot and vehicle drop-off side.

The building is organized on three levels. The first level contains student service oriented functions including Admissions, Financial Aid, Bursar and Registrar. The second-floor houses meeting spaces and offices for Graduate Studies, International Engagement and Diversity. Responding the university’s desire to make all departments visible from a single space, the first and second floors are united by a curved atrium with a glass wall fronting the campus greenway. The third-floor houses executive offices for the university administration.

Exterior materials are principally brick, zinc panels and glass. The cone-shaped element, clad in flat-seamed zinc panels contains a theater and orientation center for prospective students. Two dramatic cantilevers, one facing east and one facing west, contain the President’s office and a large conference room.

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    Huntsville, AL
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    The University of Alabama in Huntsville
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    Project Area
    90,000 SF
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    Site Area
    10 acres
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    • Architect
      Nola | Van Peursem Architects
    • Civil
      Littlejohn Engineering
    • Structural
      LBYD Inc.
    • Mechanical
      Mims Engineering Inc.
    • Electrical
      The EE Group
    • Landscape
      Bostick Landscape Architects
    • Envelope
      Stephen Ward and Associates
    • Contractor
      Woodward Construction